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We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have shown an interest in the New Group of World Servers and the inner desire to be of service to humanity.

missionAs humanity moves into the era of global enlightenment, the NGWS internet site is positioning itself to be a magnetic center of light for the global spiritual community and a catalyst for those who are looking to participate in the transformation of our loving planet. This will be accomplished by implementing a core group of initiatives centered around the keynotes emanating from the heart of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Will-to-Good, Right Human Relations, Brotherhood, Service to Humanity, and Unity.

An integral aspect of these initiatives will be the identification of various groups and their students, within the spiritual communities, the valued services they provide, a clear path to the work being accomplished and how we, as NGWS’s, can participate and support their ongoing endeavors. The conscious application of these activities will work towards the unification of a global network of World Servers and act as an instrument for the externalization of future groups, providing a blueprint for ongoing group service and the evolution of our planet and humanity.

In the development of this blueprint, for world service, the NGWS internet site will work towards being a global compass through the identification of methods, activities and options that will expedite and support the ongoing work and the collective efforts within the global communities.

This can only be accomplished by your loving participation; therefore, we invite the various groups and their members to share what they see as their objectives and goals, how they are working to accomplish these objectives and goals and what they envision as their role in a global co-operative, the New Group of World Servers, in the years ahead.

Additionally, if there are areas that need concentrated effort, please submit your ideas, comments, and suggestions so we can highlight them on this site. You can submit your information through our contact page

May our collective efforts uplift humanity and provide a stream of loving energy around our beloved planet.

The New Group of World Servers - Guiding Precepts
We seek to love, not hate.
We seek to serve and not exact due service.
We seek to heal, not hurt.


NGWS Mission

"Your spiritual goal is the establishing of the Kingdom of God. One of the first steps towards this is to prepare men's minds to accept the fact that the reappearance of the Christ is imminent. You must tell men everywhere that the Masters and Their groups of disciples are actively working to bring order out of chaos. You must tell them that there IS a Plan, and that nothing can possibly arrest the working out of that Plan. You must tell them that the Hierarchy stands, and that It has stood for thousands of years, and is the expression of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. You must tell them above all else that God is love, that the Hierarchy is love, and that Christ is coming because He loves humanity. This is the message which you must give at this time. And with this responsibility I leave you. Work, my brothers." EXT, p 701

World Service Meditation Times

Daily: 05:00

Link up in thought every day at five pm local time with the New Group of World Servers, made up of all who love and serve.

Thursday: Morning

Reflective meditation upon, preparation for the reappearance of the Christ.

Sunday: 10:00

Every Sunday morning we invite you to meditate on the seed thought, "Let Light and Love stream forth into the hearts and minds of humanity".



The key to success lies in a unity of purpose, which flows from a dedication to serving humanity and a spirit of cooperation.


All mankind is one family, one people. All men and women are brothers and sisters and should live as such.

Right Human Relations

Right human relations are based on tolerance, understanding and goodwill; on a sense of responsibility for the welfare of all.


When we take healing the earth seriously, we also take our own health seriously.


The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

Will-to- Good

The words are simple. With clear intention, you can help bring great blessings to mankind.