Esoteric Schools

Esoteric Schools

Esoteric schools of thought are schools, currents or movements which have an occult system of thought based on esoteric knowledge. They aid to prepare the individual toward spiritual evolution.

  • The Morya Federation

    The Morya Federation is a school of esotericism whose central meeting place is an Internet Campus. It is the center of our community of learners who are embarked on this most life-changing adventure — the Spiritual Quest.
  • The Seven Ray Institute

    The Seven Ray Institute was founded on September 9, 1985, as an organization dedicated to learning about, teaching, and using the seven rays in everyday living. The programs and aids offered are available for learning about the seven rays, teaching and application.

    The School exists as a vehicle for some of those who are attracted to the study and application, respectively, of the Cosmology and Teaching of the Ageless Wisdom in a group setting.
  • Rocky Mountain Esoteric School

    The vision for Rocky Mountain Esoteric School is to establish a virtual global community dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness.
  • Planetary Light

    We are a collective group of Souls dedicated to providing fundamental exercises, meditations, and concepts, that support the quickening of an Awakening Planet and assisting in the establishment of a "New Earth" philosophy.
  • School of Esoteric Studies

    The mission of the School for Esoteric Studies is to provide structured, sequenced esoteric discipleship training, grounded in Ageless Wisdom teachings and designed to produce World Servers.
  • Agni-Yoga, Spanish

    Introduction to Agni Yoga: The Way to Shamballa, by Vicente Beltrán Anglada, translated and edited by José Becerra, Fundación Vincente Beltrán Anglada, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2017. Paperback, 250 pages. List price US $10.95. Available at:
  • Ageless Wisdom

    This site was created for students of Theosophy and focuses upon that portion of the Ageless Wisdom that was brought through by Alice A. Bailey, although her work necessarily incorporates much knowledge originally given by H.P. Blavatsky, and other student-teachers of the occult sciences.

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